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Maija Poyhonen


I am a certified 500 hour yoga teacher and 800 hour Yoga Therapist through International Association of Yoga therapists.  I graduated with my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Credentials in 2016 and began offering classes for women living in transitional housing.  This teaching opportunity inspired me to continue my studies in Yoga, as I recognized there was so much more to learn about how to safely support people who come to sessions with a variety of needs.  For me, Yoga has been an incredible healing tool and something that has helped me feel safe and empowered in my own body.  I am someone who has gone through periods of depression and avoidance and I spent a good portion of my 20's in a state of flight.  Yoga has given me tools to be able to sit with difficult emotions so that I am able to transmute that energy into something lighter and more connected to the life I wish to be living.  This is a practice that I am passionate about sharing with others because I have seen how much it can positively impact lives and I love being able to help others connect to their freest, most authentic selves. 

   I also have completed my Usui/Holy Fire II training and have been offering healing sessions since 2020.  Reiki healing sessions have also been so beneficial on my healing and wellness journey.  I have felt so many positive changes in my energetic body during and after Reiki sessions.  I have felt both small shifts and huge releases from experiences that I had been carrying for far too long.  These changes have impacted how I am able to relate to and express myself in the world.  I now feel lighter and more authentic in body, mind, emotion and expression.  It is a beautiful practice that I would love to share with you!

Another area that I have worked in and have passion for is Speech-Language Pathology.  I have been working in different school systems since 2012 and have been honored to work with so many incredible teachers, support staff and students throughout the years.  My work in the schools has ranged from birth all the way to 26 years old and I have worked in areas of Language Development, Articulation, AAC, Auditory Processing and Fluency.  My approach to my sessions is to find something my students are interested in and to build programs that are fun and motivational to each student as an individual.  I believe that when we are able to celebrate the interests of children, it empowers them to follow their dreams and to create something beautiful in this world.

My Vision:

My aim is to bring a holistic approach to your wellness journey.  Whether you are looking to grow in certain areas of your life or are working on healing physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, the practices included in my offerings will be tailor made to meet you where you're at. I teach from a trauma informed lens which helps clients to have choices in the practices they wish to participate in.  I believe that everyone can be their own healer and I aim to teach tools to help empower clients to make choices for themselves in order to live a healthy, happy, abundant life.

I also aim to make services accessible to clients.  This is why my services are offered in Multiple modalities (in studio, online, at home). 

What is "Talkoot"?

When I was deciding what to name my project, I looked to my ancestry to find a name that would honor my lineage and the ancestors who helped make this dream of mine a reality. 

"Talkoot" is a Finnish word that means "bee" or "people gathering to work together for the greater good".  This translation takes me back to my childhood days of having everyone I know singing me the theme song from "Maya the Bee" on a very regular basis.  Bees symbolize focus, dedication and teamwork which are all qualities that I infuse into my offerings.  Bees are hardworking creatures who also value taking some time to stop and smell the flowers.  This balance is such a beautiful way to exist in a world that promotes productivity and "doing" over slowing down and taking time for one's self.

The second translation of "talkoot" is also something that stands out to me, as I believe that some of the greatest healing takes place in community and when people work together to support one another.  In order to bring these principals into my offerings, I will be hosting community based events which will give people the opportunity to come together and connect with others. 

I look forward to working with you on your healing journey!


*800 C-IAYT: Ajna Yoga Center, British Columbia Canada 2023

*200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Rishikesh India 2016

*500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Ajna Yoga Center, British columbia Canada 2022

*Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II: Adina Marie Rose, Detroit Michigan 2020

*Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Trainings: Connection coalition, Ajna Yoga Center

*Master of Arts, Speech-Language Pathology: Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan 2011

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